Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine

Kari Guillen, Licensed Acupuncturist

MDI, Maine


Kari utilizes both the ancient and modern experience of East Asian Medicine to evaluate each individual carefully. Her practice evolves with the fluidity of the individual to allow for adaptive care.

She works with people who are looking for an integrated and holistic healing approach for chronic conditions that are resistant to improvement, and with people who are looking for sustainable alternative solutions to their healthcare and wellness needs. 

Kari strives to hold a space where people feel seen, heard and believed about their personal experiences. Her hope is that in the face of the chaos of this world, working with her will help bring clarity, reliability, and stability to your life and health. 

Kari strongly believes that the healing of individuals contributes to the health of our entire community so that we can all function and interact more harmoniously as a whole.