Fees & Policies

Office treatment Fees

Initial intakes are 50-90 minutes, and follow-up treatments are 50-60 minutes. Unlike many acupuncturists who see multiple patients in overlapping time slots, you will have Kari's undivided attention throughout your session. 

Making acupuncture and healing accessible to as many people as possible is of the utmost importance, therefore, Kari offer her services on a sliding scale of $60-$100 for each individual session. The sliding scale operates on a self-determined basis. Whatever feels comfortable and accessible to you within the range of the $60-$100 scale is comfortable and supportive for Kari and her practice. What you chose to pay can change without explanation from one session to the next. Just because you have paid something along the sliding scale does not mean that you cannot adjust and pay differently another time. Kari understand that life is constantly fluctuating and her goal is to make space for these life fluctuations. 

The beauty of the sliding scale is when someone can pay a bit more one day, over the average it covers when someone else is not as able, so together as a community we can all find the support that we need. 

Time has showed that many of Kari's regular patients rely on her previously offered package of 10 sessions for $580 for convenience and affordability, so this package remains for anyone who prefers it.

While cash or check are strongly preferred, cards are an accepted form of payment if needed.

Home Microsystem Kits

A home/travel kit of tools used to stimulate acupuncture reflex points, accompanied by a video tutorial and written guide so that you can learn how to start using the wonderfully powerful healing method of the ear and hand microsystems yourself, from the comfort of your home or wherever you may go! Read more about the microsystems here.

Kit+Video Tutorial+Reference Guide= sliding scale $25-$50

Free contactless local (MDI) deliveries or pickups from the Somesville office. If you are located elsewhere or prefer shipment, there is a $5 shipping fee.


Thanks to technology, we can now have a full consultation using video chat! The difference is that instead of Kari using needles to achieve your acupuncture results, we use the tools from the microsystem kits! Through pictures and live video, Kari is able to direct you to acupuncture points on yourself that will most benefit you in your current state and guide you to placing tools, such as magnets, on these areas. This method of tele-acupuncture is proving to be very effective and more accessible for many people that have worked with Kari. A one-time purchase of a microsystem home kit is needed for this form of session. You will get the kit and the accompanying tutorial+guide for a reduced price of $15 ($5 shipping, or free local pickup). The price of these sessions is the same as a regular appointment (sliding scale $60-$100 or any of the packages also apply).

Sliding Scales

The way that Kari’s sliding scales work is that you decide what is affordable for you within the given range. It is not based on your income. Kari strongly believes that health should not be a privilege and that economics should not be a barrier to getting access to treatments that are needed and helpful, and Kari's aim by offering a sliding scale and package discounts is to make appointments more accessible to help you be able to make a commitment to achieving your health goals.


Unfortunately, Kari does not currently accept insurance, as this would hinder her ability to offer things that make her services accessible to a large portion of the community who do not have insurance plans with acupuncture benefits. If she took insurance she would be unable to offer things like sliding scales and packages. She has determined that she can help more people by offering these services than she could by accepting insurance. However, if your insurance plan covers acupuncture and you would like to file with them for reimbursement, she is happy to discuss making the necessary documentation available upon request.

Cancellation Policy

You will never be charged for canceling your appointment with 24 hours notice. Missed or last minute cancelations due to poor weather and hazardous driving conditions will never incur a cancelation fee. Last minute cancelations due to being ill with a contagious condition will not incur any fee either, nor will unavoidable emergency situations. If you do not feel safe driving in winter weather conditions, please do not hesitate to call and cancel. And if you suspect that you are coming down with a contagious condition (e.g. flu, cold, stomach bug…), it is much appreciated that you call and cancel your appointment to keep the office a safer space for those with vulnerable immune systems.

A first time forgotten or late non-emergency cancelation, that does not meet the above qualifications, will not be charged. The second forgotten/last minute cancelation will be billed at the rate of 50% of the bottom of the current sliding scale. All forgotten/last minute cancelations beyond the second time will be billed at the low end of the current sliding scale. (E.g., if the sliding scale is set at $60-$100 per session, then the first missed appointment incurs no charge, the second is charged at $30, and all future missed appointments will be charged at $60). The hope is that this policy will embrace the unpredictable world that we all navigate and allow flexibility for the unpredictable with a clear path of what to expect when the need arises to cancel.

Health saftey protocols

Masks are currently optional in the office. Kari continues to wear a mask and will have KF94s available at the door for anyone who would like to use them. She strongly requests that people communicate with her before arriving for their appointment if they have any signs of feeling sick or have had recent exposure to a contagious illness. Kari continues to work with many people in her office space who are vulnerable to getting sick. Additionally, it keeps her in better health and accessible to her patients if she is not constantly exposed to contagious illnesses. Please keep in mind that masks may be required again inside the office at future dates, depending on rates of local spread of any infectious illness. If you are uncomfortable with this policy or have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out so that a solution within your comfort range can be arranged.