Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine

Kari Guillen, Licensed Acupuncturist

MDI, Maine

Kari remains open for business and dedicated to her patients during the pandemic. She is meeting the pandemic with the utmost respect and is committed to reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and providing options for everyone to access her services. For more information on offerings, procedures and guidelines around the pandemic, click here.

Mission Statement

Kari works with both the ancient and modern experience of East Asian Medicine to carefully evaluate each individual. Her practice evolves with the fluidity of the Being in order to bring about sustainable well-being and ease.

She works with people who are looking for an integrated and holistic healing approach for chronic conditions that are resistant to improvement, and with people who are looking for sustainable alternative solutions to their healthcare and wellness needs.

Kari strives to hold a space where people feel seen, heard, and believed about their personal experiences. Her hope is that in the face of the chaos of this world, working with her will help bring clarity, reliability, and stability to your life and health. Healing to individuals will contribute to the health of our entire community, so that we can all function and interact more harmoniously as a whole.


  • Kari was amazing and I would highly recommend seeing her if you are looking for a holistic acupuncture experience! She was very extensive from the beginning and was able to pinpoint some things that I didn’t even realize were the root causes of the other pain I was having. I could immediately tell a difference after seeing her for my back and shoulder pain. I haven’t had any shoulder pain since I last saw her, and my back feels so much better. Although I had originally seen her for the back pain, she focused on so much more than that and she took the time to explain to me how all of the things going on with my body were connected and I left having a much better understanding of the sources of my pain, digestive system and things to do moving forward to feel better in a holistic way. I felt extremely safe and confident in her care and I highly recommend for acupuncture in the MDI area! -CT

  • Kari is such a compassionate and thoughtful acupuncturist with whom I’ve had amazingly healing appointments with. She pays close attention to what your experience is, where you are in life, and how your body feels. Her office space and practice feel safe and comfortable, and the outdoor option in the summer has its own beautiful benefits of being close to nature. I have and would recommend her to anyone looking to reset, find more balance, and relieve pain. I’m simply thrilled with the healing she’s helped me and my body through! -EL