What are microsystems and how are they useful?

In East Asian Medicine, microsystems are small areas of the body that have been identified to reflect the entire body. The body is full of these mini maps, such as the ear, hand, face, bottom of the foot, and abdomen. Our bodies communicate a lot of what is happening internally via the microsystems. Over the centuries acupuncturists have used these microsystems, like the tongue and face, to read and interpret the signs from the body, while others, like the hand and foot, have more of a direct influence on the state of the body and health and are more commonly stimulated to get healing results.

The range of what can be affected by stimulation to a microsystems is vast. While one of the most common things that Kari treats with the microsystems is pain (joint pain, injuries, back problems, headaches, muscle/menstrual cramps…), they are great for a whole variety of other ailments. They can be great for regulating the nervous system to help with stress and anxiety. Kari has used them with great success for sinus issues/allergies, sore throats, toothaches, acute digestive symptoms, gallbladder issues, and foggy headedness. The list of what can be relieved via the microsystem goes on and on. 

Kari works most often with the hand and ear microsystems, adding stimulation to the systems during a majority of her acupuncture sessions. Now she has developed a tutorial accompanied by a travel kit of various tools so that you can learn how to start using this wonderfully powerful healing method for yourself, from the comfort of your home or wherever you may go! It is a great little kit to carry on-the-go and to have handy for whenever symptoms start to crop up during the day.

What is included in this microsystem kit?

Everything you need to work with the microsystems:

How much does it cost?

This kit and tutorial combo is currently being offered on a sliding scale of $25-$50 ($5 shipping or free local delivery).

Additional Support:

If you are not getting your desired results using the tool kit on the microsystems or want assistance, these kits are originally designed to be used along with a video consultation with Kari. In these consultations, Kari can not only help guide you with using the microsystems but can also help guide you to additional points that could help support any underlying root imbalances. Consultations for microsystems are being offered at $40 per session, virtually or in person. 

If you would like additional support, Kari also uses these kits to offer distance acupuncture sessions. During these virtual sessions in addition to the microsystem reflex points, Kari guides you to use the magnets from the tool kit on body acupuncture points to achieve the same results as a regular acupuncture treatment. These full acupuncture virtual consultations are the same price as her regular acupuncture sessions (sliding scale and packages applicable).