Pandemic Precautions

Kari has worked hard to provide offerings that are accessible during the pandemic and to provide a space that is lower risk for her patients. With the number of vulnerable people she has in her practice and personal life, she has been and continues to be eager to do her best not to spread COVID-19. Over the years of the pandemic, she has been working to see people's needs and develop ways to make her acupuncture services available to anyone who desires them, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. Accessibility, inclusion, and acceptance are essential parts of her philosophy on healing and medicine. Kari is asking all who work with her to help in her goals of protecting and creating an accessible space for the most vulnerable.

In-person sessions:

Masks are still required in the office. Kari wears a well-fitted KF94 and asks that her patients wear a KN95, N95, or KF94 mask as well at this time. Kari will provide a KN95 mask at the initial session and is happy to provide replacement KN95s upon request. 

24 hours before each appointment, a link to a quick 30-second pre-screening questionnaire is automatically emailed out to all patients. This prescreening is a place where Kari asks you to report if you have any new immune symptoms, feel like you might be getting sick in any way, have had covid/been sick recently, or have been exposed to anyone with covid or a contagious illness. This report allows Kari to know if there needs to be further communication where together you can decide the risk level of spread.

Kari continues to be proactive with her hand sanitization throughout session and the cleaning of surfaces following each appointment. After each session, all linens and table paper are carefully removed and contained for cleaning, followed by sanitization of surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectants for Covid19. 


With the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced architect, the air quality of the office space has been carefully cultivated through state-of-the-art filters and airflow dynamics to reduce potential air-borne transmission of infectious pathogens. In addition to this system running throughout the entire session, the room is allowed to filter and clean for at least 30 minutes between all patients.

Kari remains cautious in precautions in her personal life to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus for the safety of herself, those close to her, and all her patients. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please inquire. She is committed to keeping her infection control guidelines transparent, fluid, and up-to-date as this pandemic evolves and shifts. Please feel free to reach out for updated protocols and considerations at any point.

Outdoor Option:

Kari offers a beautiful and serene outdoor setting seasonably as an option for your appointment. There will be a place to choose this on your pre-screening questionnaire when it becomes available in the season. The outdoor space is on the same property, in the field behind the building. This option has been a favorite for patients, as the outdoor air provides more comfort, and many feel extra healing benefits when being out in nature.

Masks are currently optional for patients in this outdoor setting.

Remote Options:

If in-person does not currently feel like an appropriate choice for you, two other ways are offered to access Kari's services and knowledge to help find the needed healing resources. It is her hope that one or more of these options will feel comfortable and helpful to you in your health journey.

Kari has honed techniques of using tools, such as magnets and ear seeds, on the hand and ear microsystems to help her patients find relief from everyday aches, pains, and symptoms. She has now developed these techniques into a tutorial accompanied by a travel kit of these tools so that you can learn how to start using this wonderfully powerful healing method yourself, from the comfort of your home or wherever you may go! This kit and tutorial combo is currently being offered on a sliding scale of $25-$50 ($5 shipping or free local delivery/pickup).

Tele-health acupuncture:

Thanks to technology, full consultations via video chat are now easily accessible! The difference in a tele-acupuncture session is that tools from the microsystem kits mentioned previously are used instead of Kari using needles to achieve your acupuncture results. Through pictures and live video, Kari is able to direct you to acupuncture points on yourself that will most benefit you in your current state and guide you to placing tools, such as the magnets, on these areas. This method of tele-acupuncture is proving to be very effective and more accessible for many people that work with Kari. A one-time purchase of a microsystem home kit is needed for this form of session. You will get the kit and the accompanying tutorial for a reduced price of $15 (+$5 shipping or free local pickup). The cost of these sessions is the same as Kari's regular appointments.